1.Follow Your Dreams: Dhoni's journey starts with him leaving a stable job to pursue his cricketing passion. It highlights the importance of believing in yourself and chasing your dreams.

2.Stay Calm Under Pressure: Dhoni's nickname, "Captain Cool," reflects his composure in tense situations. The movie shows how keeping a cool head can lead to better decision-making.

3. Never Stop Learning: Dhoni, despite his talent, was always open to learning.  The movie portrays him incorporating the "helicopter shot" from a friend, showcasing the value of continuous learning.

4.Face Challenges: The movie depicts Dhoni's journey filled with setbacks,  but he overcomes them through hard work and determination. It highlights the importance of embracing challenges as stepping stones to success.

5. Focus on What Matters:  A scene shows Dhoni's dedication, where he only acknowledges his selection for the India A team after finishing his badminton game. This emphasizes the importance of focus and maintaining priorities.

6.Value Your Roots: Despite his fame, Dhoni stays grounded and connected to his friends and family. The movie reminds us to cherish our roots and the people who supported us.

7.Importance of Teamwork: While Dhoni shines, the movie also showcases the significance of teamwork in achieving success. It emphasizes that success is often a collective effort.