What is arm ball? – Learn how to use this weapon!

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Hello and welcome! You are probably here to either learn what is arm ball or how to bowl an arm ball. We will understand both the concepts of what is arm ball and how to bowl an arm ball here in this article!

Modern day cricket has given birth to many new things like reverse sweep, switch hit, lap shot, slower balls, cutter balls, googly etc and just like this a variation which is usually used by left arm spinners and off break spinners is an ARM BALL!

Now without any further ado let us see what is arm ball and how to bowl it.


The Arm Ball is a type of delivery in cricket, primarily bowled by spinners. It is characterized by its low trajectory, skidding nature, and lack of turn. When bowled, the ball is released with the arm relatively straight and is delivered with a sidearm or sling action causing it to skid through at a lower height than expected.

The objective of the Arm Ball is to deceive the batsman by not giving much spin on the ball. It is designed to beat the batsman’s expectations, as they anticipate the ball to turn, but instead, it moves straight or slightly inwards, often surprising the batsman and resulting in a misjudgment or mistimed shot.

The Arm Ball is an effective variation used by spinners to keep the batsmen guessing and to break their rhythm.

It requires precise control and accuracy to execute successfully, as any error in line or length can be punished by the batsman.

Skilled spin bowlers often use the Arm Ball as a strategic weapon to create doubt in the batsman’s mind and to induce mistakes or wicket-taking opportunities.

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what is arm ball?


We understood what is arm ball and now we will see how to bowl an arm ball!

Here are a few steps through which you can easily learn to bowl an arm ball.

1.Grip and Release: To bowl a successful arm ball, the grip plays a crucial role. The bowler needs to hold the ball with a slightly tighter grip compared to conventional spin deliveries.

This tighter grip limits the spinning action imparted by the fingers during the release. The index and middle fingers are positioned slightly closer to each other, with the seam held upright or slightly angled towards the leg side (for a right-handed off-spinner).

This grip helps minimize the amount of spin generated and maintains the ball’s line of delivery.

2.Wrist Position: The position of the wrist is crucial in delivering the arm ball effectively. Unlike traditional spin deliveries that involve a significant amount of wrist action to generate spin, the wrist position for an arm ball remains firm and stable throughout the delivery stride.

The bowler must focus on keeping the wrist locked and prevent any twisting or turning motion that would induce spin. By maintaining a stable wrist position, the bowler ensures that the ball skids through without deviating off the pitch.

3.Body Alignment and Action: Proper body alignment and a consistent bowling action are essential for a successful arm ball.

The bowler should maintain an upright position, aligning the shoulders, hips, and feet towards the intended target. A smooth and repeatable bowling action helps in generating consistency and accuracy while delivering the arm ball.

It is crucial to avoid any noticeable changes in action that might alert the batsman that you are bowling an arm ball.

4.Practice and Variation: Mastering the arm ball requires dedicated practice and experimentation. Bowlers should start by focusing on the basics, getting the grip, and wrist position right.

Gradually, they can work on developing control and accuracy in delivering the arm ball consistently. It is essential to practice alongside an experienced coach or mentor who can provide guidance and feedback.

5.Variations in pace, flight, and trajectory are also important to keep the batsman guessing. By varying the speed and flight of the arm ball, bowlers can further confuse and deceive the batsman.

A slightly quicker arm ball can catch the batsman off guard, while a flighted version can entice them into making a false stroke. Experimenting with these variations in practice will allow the bowler to refine their skills and add an extra dimension to their bowling.

6.Observing and Learning from the Experts: Studying the techniques and strategies of accomplished bowlers who have excelled in bowling the arm ball can be immensely beneficial. Analyzing the performances of spin bowling greats such as Muttiah Muralitharan, Anil Kumble, or Daniel Vettori can provide valuable insights into their execution of the arm ball.

Observing their grip, wrist position, body alignment, and variations can inspire and guide aspiring bowlers towards mastering this skillful delivery.


To better understand how to bowl an arm ball, checkout this video to know exactly how to grip the ball when you bowl an arm ball…

what is arm ball?


Over the years, several legendary spinners have perfected the art of the arm ball, leaving batsmen and the cricketing world in awe.

Muttiah Muralitharan, Anil Kumble, Daniel Vettori and Ravindra Jadeja are renowned for their ability to consistently deliver the arm ball with precision and effectiveness.

This players have shown what is arm ball to the world with their exceptional arm ball.

what is arm ball?

These greats have utilized this deceptive delivery to dismiss numerous top-order batsmen and have played a pivotal role in their team’s success.

what is arm ball?



Arm ball is an important variation for finger spinners as it can get you a lot of wickets if you execute it with a strategy.

From the guide given in this article, you can easily learn to master arm ball. Start with basics and keep practicing the steps mentioned in the guide above. With time you will get better and eventually take a lot of wickets using the arm ball!

We hope by now you clearly know what is arm ball and how to master it!

Was this guide helpful? If no, then comment down what was lacking? If yes, then share it with your cricketer friends!

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1. Which type of bowler bowls an arm ball?

A- Finger spinners (left arm orthodox, right arm off-break)

2. In which format, arm ball is used?

A- It is bowled in all 3 formats but it is now often used in t20 cricket.

3. Does arm ball turn?

A- No, arm ball goes straight or towards the batsman with the angle.

4. Is it difficult to bowl an arm ball?

A- Nothing is difficult if you practice something repeatedly.

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