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Today, we will discuss on ‘how to play cover drive like Kohli’. When it comes to cover drive, Virat Kohli is the best cover driver in the world and in this article we will learn how to play cover drive like kohli and what makes his cover drive so special.

First let us see the basic steps to play a cover drive.

1- Take the correct stance: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, parallel to the crease. Keep your weight evenly balanced on both feet, and position yourself in line with the ball.

2 – Watch the ball closely: Pay attention to the bowler’s hand and release point. Focus on the ball as it leaves the bowler’s hand and track it closely until it reaches your bat.

3- Position your body and head: Move your front foot forward and towards the line of the ball, ensuring your head is positioned over your front foot. This will help you maintain balance and control during the shot.

4- Get into the right position: As the ball approaches, transfer your weight onto your front foot while simultaneously moving your back foot across and towards the line of the ball. This movement will allow you to get into an optimal position to play the shot.

5- Time your shot: As the ball reaches the right spot, swing your bat in a straight line towards the ball, ensuring that your head remains still and your eyes are level. Your front shoulder should be pointing towards the cover region.

6-Use your wrists and follow through: Just before making contact with the ball, roll your wrists slightly to generate power and control the direction of the shot. After making contact, continue the follow-through, with the bat finishing high and pointing in the direction of the shot.

7-Remember to practice the cover drive regularly to develop your timing, technique, and shot selection. It’s also important to adjust your footwork and shot execution based on the line, length, and pace of the delivery you are facing.

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CREDITS- – how to play cover drive like kohli

Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer, is known for his exceptional cover drive. To emulate his technique, here are some key points to focus on:

1- Stance and position: Kohli usually starts with a slightly open stance, with his feet aligned to the off-side. This allows him to access the cover region more easily. Position yourself similarly, with your weight evenly distributed.

2- Head position and balance: Kohli maintains a strong base and excellent balance throughout the shot. Keep your head steady and level, ensuring it is aligned with the ball.

3- Footwork: As the ball is delivered, Kohli takes a small initial stride towards the line of the ball, moving his front foot forward and across. This helps him to get into the ideal position to play the cover drive. Practice this footwork, focusing on timing and weight transfer.

4- Timing and shot execution: Kohli times the ball impeccably, allowing it to come into his hitting zone. As the ball reaches the desired spot, he extends his arms and meets the ball with the full face of the bat. Try to emulate this timing, making sure you meet the ball with the middle of the bat.

5- Wrist control: Kohli has excellent wrist control, which enables him to direct the ball precisely. Just before making contact, he rolls his wrists slightly, helping him to keep the ball along the ground and find gaps in the field. Work on developing your wrist control through regular practice.

6- Follow-through: Virat’s follow-through is smooth and balanced. After making contact with the ball, he extends his arms fully and completes the shot with a high follow-through, ensuring that his bat finishes pointing in the direction of the shot. Focus on maintaining a fluid follow-through to maximize power and control.

7– Remember, mastering the cover drive takes practice and patience. Analyze Kohli’s technique by watching his videos, and try to incorporate the key elements into your own game.

Regular net sessions and focused training will help you refine your cover drive and become more proficient at playing the shot and then you won’t be searching for how to play cover drive like Kohli as you will be already the master of this shot!

CREDITS- to play cover drive like kohli

After understanding how to play cover drive like Kohli, have a look at the answers to the most common questions about Virat Kohli!

Fastest to 8,000, 9,000, 10,000, and 11,000 runs: Kohli achieved these milestones in the fewest number of innings, showcasing his exceptional consistency and run-scoring ability.

Fastest to 20 centuries: Kohli reached the mark of 20 ODI centuries in just 133 innings, surpassing the previous record held by Sachin Tendulkar.

Most centuries in successful ODI run-chases: Kohli has a remarkable record of scoring centuries while chasing targets in ODI matches. He has scored 24 centuries in successful run-chases, further solidifying his reputation as a master of chasing down totals.

Fastest to 10,000 ODI runs: Kohli became the fastest player to reach the milestone of 10,000 ODI runs, achieving it in just 205 innings. He surpassed Sachin Tendulkar’s previous record by taking 54 innings fewer.

Most runs in a single ODI series: Kohli amassed a staggering 558 runs in a bilateral ODI series against South Africa in 2018, setting the record for the highest runs scored in a single series.

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CREDITS- to play cover drive like kohli

As a batsman, every players dream to have a perfect cover drive like Virat Kohli. With the steps provided in this article, you can easily master to play cover drive over a period of time with practice.

We hope by now you know how to play cover drive like Kohli clearly!

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1. Is RCB eliminated from IPL 2023?

A – YES after being defeated against GT, RCB got eliminated.

2. Who is King of cover drive shot?

A – Virat Kohli

3. Which IPL team does Virat Kohli play for?

A – Royal Challengers Bangalore

4. Who is RCB captain 2023?

A – Faf Du Plessis

5. Who qualifies for IPL 2023?


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